The SCOPE Annual International Conference offers a Speakers
& Presenters showcase track, intentionally designed for schools, colleges and community agencies to preview speakers and their programs.

SCOPE aims to be the first-of-its-kind and largest prevention speaker and presenter marketplace. Showcase speakers and presenters pay an annual application
fee to be showcased and are guaranteed a showcase at least once every
four years of consistent participation if they meet the following primary prevention criteria:

  • They will modify their content to integrate with
    client data, norms, research, and agree to solicit that information from
  • They will integrate their content with
    campus/school overall prevention strategies and elicit information from
    the client on their strategy and how they fit into it.
  • They will refuse bookings where their content is
    at odds with or could detract from the client’s overall prevention
    strategy or modify their content so it does not.
  • They will encourage their clients to assess the
    effectiveness of their programs and develop instruments for the client
    to use to do so.
  • They will incorporate at least one primary prevention element into their presentations.

Showcased presenters are featured in the SCOPE Conference Binder, the SCOPE Newsletter and receive top billing for the year of their showcase on the SCOPE Speakers & Presenters Roster.  Showcase eligibility for a presenter is also noted on the SCOPE Speakers & Presenters site in a special section separate from those listed as Prevention Affiliate Members.

Showcase Rates:

Eligible Speakers & Presenters……………………………………….$999/year

To show eligibility for this program and obtain a copy of the program participation agreement or for any questions about the program, please contact SCOPE Executive Director Michelle Issadore, M.Ed.

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