Where did the idea of SCOPE come from?

The NCHERM Group, LLC has believed for many years that efforts to educate and raise awareness are valuable, but are not the same thing as prevention. The field of prevention is young, but as a result of research on that is effective, we are learning quickly. Now is the time to bring together the ideas and energy into a community of synergy. Learning how to be strategic about prevention has been a long-term goal of The NCHERM Group, LLC and, by supporting SCOPE, The NCHERM Group, LLC hopes it can help to further the progress of the entire prevention spectrum.  The NCHERM Group, LLC’s grant funding includes the ongoing provision of office space, conference management services, and administrative support.

Should I attend the SCOPE Annual International

Yes, of course! The SCOPE Annual International Conference will be one of the most amazing professional development experiences of your career. Why, you might ask? The SCOPE Conference is different than other conferences you have attended. Click here to learn how different it is.

Is SCOPE concerned with breadth or depth?

Trick question! SCOPE prides itself on its ability to offer both unparalleled breadth and depth in the field of prevention. Our breadth comes from the synergies created by bringing together all of the
disparate subfields in the prevention world into active dialogue and collaboration. The depth of SCOPE comes from the rich body of experts who contribute their knowledge.

How can I volunteer to help SCOPE?

Please feel free to contact Executive Director Michelle Issadore if you are interested in volunteering. We welcome involvement!

Does SCOPE provide Continuing Education credits?

Yes, SCOPE Events offer limited CEU’s for certain professions.

Is SCOPE a non-profit organization?

Yes, SCOPE is incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a not-for-profit organization.

How does a community of prevention professionals benefit individuals and the field?

Prevention professionals have historically joined professional associations, participated in listservs and attended conferences in their specific disciplines. This has resulted in the delineation of prevention
efforts by subfields. SCOPE recognizes that there is more commonality to prevention efforts than there are distinctions. What Title IX educators know can benefit what sexual violence prevention specialists do. Prevention and response have much in common. Additionally, we know that many areas of prevention intersect. SCOPE aims to bridge subfields by joining prevention professionals from across the prevention disciplines together to learn from one another, explore best practices and further our shared goals.

How is SCOPE different from the organizations and conferences already addressing similar issues?

SCOPE is the first organization of its kind to encompass the full breadth and depth of the field of prevention. SCOPE employs an innovative conference model to best serve our members’ needs. SCOPE prioritizes the advancement of primary prevention research, practice and implementation.

How can I access the SCOPE Blog?

Click here to access the SCOPE Blog.

Does SCOPE provide scholarships or financial support for the SCOPE Annual International Conference?

SCOPE provides a number of  Annual International Conference scholarships based on need. Please contact Executive Director Michelle Issadore for details.

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