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March 5th, 2013


News from SCOPE

After years of legislative wrangling, Congress reauthorized a robust, expanded and much strengthened version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in late February. Included in the VAWA Reauthorization legislation is the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE Act), whose Section 304 substantially amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to impose SEVENTY (70) new provisions, disclosures and procedural protections. Is your campus ready? Join SCOPE and its partnering organizations, ATIXA & The NCHERM Group, LLC, on April 2nd, 2013 from 1:00-3:00pm EST for Getting to Know the Campus SaVE Act – A Webinar on the VAWA Reauthorization. Click here to learn more.


SCOPE Resource Spotlight

SCOPE is excited to share the March 2013 Reflection & Practicing Prevention Tip authored by its Visiting Scholar, Dr. Jason Laker. For more Resources authored by Dr. Laker, please visit SCOPE Visting Scholar.


SCOPE Tip of the Week

Teaching Students to Manage Stress

There is no college without stress. They go hand in hand. It’s like the Western Kentucky University counseling center motto: “College should be stressful, not overwhelming.” And this sums it up. Stress, in and of itself, can be a good thing. It keeps us working and moving ahead. It inspires and drives us forward when we would rather loaf about and listen to Dave Matthews Band. For more on how you can help your students handle and control distress, please view our full Tip of the Week here.


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 12th from 12:00-1:30pm EST

SCOPE Spring Webinar Series

Bystander Intervention as One Component of an Overall Initiative: Creating Coordinated and Synergistic Prevention Efforts

Presented by Linda Langford, Sc.D., Independent Consultant

Tuesday, April 2nd from 1:00-3:00pm EST

A SCOPE Co-Sponsored Rapid Response Webinar

Getting to Know the Campus SaVE Act – A Webinar on the VAWA Reauthorization

October 1st - 4th, 2013
The 3rd Annual National Conference

The Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL


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