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April 2nd, 2013


SCOPE 2013 Conference Call for Proposals Now Open

October 1st – 3rd, 2013
The Rosen Plaza Hotel
Orlando, FL

Additional conference details coming soon, including conference registration rates, a detailed conference schedule, and announcement of Keynote & Featured Speakers.

For more information, please contact Michelle Issadore, Executive Director, by email at execdir@wearescope.org or by phone at 610-644-1718.


SCOPE Resource Spotlight

SCOPE is excited to share the April 2013 Reflection & Practicing Prevention Tip authored by its Visiting Scholar, Dr. Jason Laker. For more resources authored by Dr. Laker, please visit SCOPE Visiting Scholar.

Recordings of the SCOPE Spring Webinar Series are now available to download. Please click here to purchase:

  • January's "Suicide Outreach Seminar (SOS)"
  • February's "Men and Wellness: Toward a Solution to the HuMANity Conundrum"
  • March's "Bystander Intervention as One Component of an Overall Initiative: Creating Coordinated and Synergistic Prevention Efforts"


SCOPE Tip of the Week

How to Stop Self-Injury

Self-injury manifests in variety of ways.  Some students cut themselves with razors, sharp objects or pins while, others punch or burn themselves. In most cases, suicide is often not the desired outcome of the behavior. Rather, students who self-injure may seek a brief respite from their emotional pain.  They may be looking for others to notice their behavior and talk to them about their pain, a “cry for help” of sorts. Then again, some students who self-injure are very private about their actions and have no desire for others to know.

For more on how to stop self-injury, please view our full Tip of the Week here.


Upcoming Events

October 1st - 3rd, 2013
The 3rd Annual National Conference

The Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL


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